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Title: The Discovery
Genre: General
Rating: G
Length: One Shot Series
Summary: Katrice discovers something

Our main character Katrice was just browsing the internet out of boredom. She got bored of fan fictions that just made her depressed. She also got bored of watching Youtube videos of her favorite Kpop artists. When she was lazily reading one fan fiction, she was linked to a site. A different site. A site that no one has ever heard of but at the same time a site that many know. Looking at the site, she realized how excited she became just by the discovery. This.
This site could be the answer.
This site could be her healing.

Maybe just maybe through this she can express what she really wants to express instead of acting according to her surroundings. This ultimately made her happy.
She can rant about her honest feelings about recent kpop news drama. She can rant about her frustrations with her friends and connections instead of trying to please others.
She can rant about her jealousy, her biggest weakness.
She can just...


is that possible?

Oh well it may not seem anything special to the eyes of the public. But it feels like Katrice can finally find herself in this. 

She has always been jealous of all her fellow high school graduates that are able to find themselves and accept things about themselves while she, herself, cannot seem to make up her mind of what she is. What she thinks for herself? In this university world that she entered in, she feels like life is no longer simple. There are no black or white territory. Almost everything has a grey side and this is what frustrates her the most. 

Maybe through this site, she can discover other people that are in the same situation as her. Maybe she can find acceptance of herself eventually. But that's really hard. 

Who knows? 

Katrice likes to think her life is a story and essentially everyone's lives are stories.
Here in this site, Katrice will make a story about her life. With full honesty and no lies. 
This is where Katrice will show herself.



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