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Title: Katrice's Roommates
Length: One Shot Series
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Summary: Katrice's roommate came back from her hometown

Katrice decided that she needed to be lazy today before the week started and it would only result in stress that is just waiting for her. She dreaded the coming of a new week but at the same was looking forward to it. Instead of getting up immediately to get some breakfast, she stayed in bed, turned on her laptop and watched Youtube videos again to make her laugh. For some reason, she needed a laugh. 

Between the laughing and acting like an idiot while Katrice's eyes were glued to her laptop screen, the door to her dorm room opened and her roommate walked in.

"How was coming back home?"
"The flight?"
"Interesting. But I am so not impressed with this city's weather. I thought it was going to be sunny in March but instead I'm greeted with snow. Not even legit snow but slush snow."
"You missed the legit snow. Since it rained today it became slush snow."

Katrice's roommate, Lisa, Lisa Baker, was the one that saved her from her previous roommate. She's very grateful for Lisa and her friend Julia for introducing Lisa to her or not she would've been stuck with her previous roommate until she got a single room. However, since that first meeting with Lisa, to when she first moved into Katrice's room,

("Hey, so are you allergic to peanuts?"
"Uhm... no..."
"Okay good, because I like to munch on peanuts."
"Me too!")

and compare it to this moment now. They have become closer and it's almost like Katrice gained a sister that she never had. Katrice was really grateful of Lisa. Plus she's really fun to talk to. Like at the moment as Katrice is sitting lazily on her bed and Lisa is sitting lazily sitting on her chair while abandoning her suitcase on her bed. ("Too lazy to unpack now... my laptop though..." She said) 

"So I heard this really interesting conversation that was going on behind me on the plane here."
"So this girl asked this asian looking guy if this city was his last stop and the guy said no and said that he is going to Beijing. The girl was like, Beijing? the guy's like, China. However, the girl was like China?! China? China! Making it seem like she didn't know what that place was or she was surprised kind of thing. At that moment this buddhist monk looking guy was walking to take his seat and the girl was like, That guy seems like he's from China too. Do you know him?"
"Oh my god! Are you serious? That girl was really stupid"
"I know."

They continued to talk away and Katrice said another thanks to God that she met Lisa. It's so nice to have someone to talk to at the end of the day. She wonders how she will deal next year when she goes off to South Korea.

"So what have you been doing here?"
"Doing homework. Finished all my papers and homework and everything else I needed to do."
"That's good. Way better than me. I still need to finish my essay."
"Oh~ Good luck."
"Plus I have a midterm coming up."
"Me too. I need to study for that."

It was then Katrice decided to stop her youtube activities and actually start studying. Lisa did the same thing. Well, that's what Katrice assumed as Lisa's taking out all her books. 
During her study time, she remembered her first roommate and how different it would be now. Maybe she would've had a double room to herself? 
Who knows?

But one thing is for sure. She was glad that her first roommate was no where in the same dorm building as she is. 
Her name was Selina. 
Katrice forgot her last name. Not like it really mattered.
When she first met Selina, she seemed nice but almost too nice. 
It was awkward at first but eventually she left and Katrice got the whole room to herself. Well at least her side so she can unpack and stuff.
However after that first initial meet, Selina started to reveal her real character. A fake person. A real fake person.

The first night away from home and in this new strange dorm room. Friday night. No not even. Saturday morning at 2. She had went to a party and it was not good, so she went back. She fell asleep but at 2 in the morning, she hear very interesting noises coming from the other side of the room. Very interesting is a euphemism... if you know what I mean.

They are fucking in the same room as i am! Katrice thought. However this did not happen once. Another weekend, she heard jingling of keys and opened the door to see a guy. Selina kicked Katrice out at 2 in the morning only to come back at 4 in the morning with Selina's clothes and under garments all over on her side of the room. It literally annoyed her!

Yup. I'm so grateful for Lisa. Thank you for giving up your single room to Selina and coming here. Katrice thought. Well it wasn't a real lost as Lisa was looking for a new room other than her dorm building. It was the party building. Katrice's dorm building was "academic focused." 
Yup. Lisa's happy. I'm happy. It was a very good switch! Katrice thought as she returned to "Studying" for her midterm...


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